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Article: Patterns, prints and more

Patterns, prints and more

A showcase of designs always follows an edge of a pattern, which further turns out to set a trend in the air. A set of patterns intends to affect the surroundings around you. So, Tarini has decided to set forth the positive vibes with the patterns that look through your lifestyles, taste and outcast the bygone trends with its new collection. Different patterns allow you to look at various things with a new and different perspective. It generates a vision of creativity and an aura of tastefulness which sets you for a prolonged luxury. A backbone of the successful pattern is the result of various studies regarding the sales, taste of customers and customer feedback on the previous patterns, that breeds immense confidence.

Picking the right time and identifying the most opportune inspirations from nature, art and culture around the world Tarini presents the new collection of patterns of the season for all the Tarini lovers.

The Inspiration Nook

The patterns get inspired by the simplest things and create something dignifying and artsy. So, the key to a successful pattern or design is to understand the inspirations of the pattern. The patterns are generated by studying and keeping in mind the preferences of our customers.

Some of the Fresh Collection of Patterns at Tarini

Animal Kingdom

Inspiration- Mexican art filled with Indian Rajasthani flowers. Tarini has printed this Mexican and Indian Fusion to bring the illuminating colors to your spaces. Redefine your home with this perfect print of Animal Kingdom.

Lodhi Spring

Inspiration- The design is an inspiration from Delhi Lodhi Garden, a jannat of nature. Bring home the leaves & humming birds & redefine your space with the nature. 

No wonder that the array of these patterns creates an impeccable design and Tarini  knows how to get what you want to amplify your spaces  and lifestyle. Moreover, we must contemplate the fact that patterns and designs carry in them a hidden meaning of life which needs to be understood and enjoyed thoroughly with all its lines and curves.


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