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Article: Behind the Tarini Curtain: Sonia Lall

Behind the Tarini Curtain: Sonia Lall

Tarini has been a beautiful journey of two women who found themselves as they found Tarini. Today we’d like to help you get to know Sonia Lall, the powerhouse of Team Tarini.
You know Sonia is in the office when you suddenly feel positive and happy for no apparent reason because that is how wonderfully energetic she is. She has a way to see beauty in even the most routine scenes and places. This beauty finds creative expression through photography and travel. She is a woman who is excellent and gifted in many aspects and we at Tarini rely on her when it comes to recruiting new people in the team, helping educate our factory workers to make healthy choices and improve their lifestyles. She is the one behind all those photographs you see on our websites and pages. And last but not the least, Sonia is the reason our stores look as spectacular as they do.
And when she isn’t working, clicking or snuggling up to her dogs, she likes to relax with her favorite music and a drink.
she believes Tarini has not only enriched her life with people and success but has also given her an identity. She feels that the wonderfully supportive customers that Tarini has earned over the years are the company’s most valuable assets. Her only dream is to open as many Tarini Outlets as possible all over the country. 
Her fondest memories of Tarini have been with her dog Cloudy. She was Tarini’s mascot in every sense of the word. She would accompany Sonia to work every day and would greet the customers with so much affection that they’d walk in looking for her on the next visit.
She believes ‘woman power’ is what Tarini runs on and her only ambition is to grow and grow. And her answer to life’s questions is very simple.

“Do What You Love, Life is Too Short not to.”

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