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Article: A candid conversation with Shashi Sehgal

A candid conversation with Shashi Sehgal


From very humble beginnings, and after sailing through very troubled times, Tarini has risen above to be who and what it is today – a brand that lives its philosophy of crafting and casting love in everything it does. Step into the Tarini headquarters and the first people to greet you will be four pet indies lovingly adopted by the founders and the staff alike. It is understandably hard to tear yourself away from such an “office”, one can imagine how hours would slip by without realising you’ve been working all this while, with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

It makes you wonder, what is the secret ingredient to this almost magical environment that trickles its way into the products and our customer’s lives. Well, we decided to find out, while in conversation with Shashi Ji, over a cup of coffee. Here is what we found out about Shashi Sehgal, the pillar upon which rests the Tarini family.

On her life and childhood:

Since her childhood, she has been a keenly observant woman. She believes her biggest strength lies in the fact that she is always learning. She says she was an average student, but it was her observation and determination that pulled her education till college. “Your determination to learn, clarity of the mind and resolve to not let anything make you lose sight of your goals can make you achieve a lot,” she said.

On her message to the younger generation:

Her message to any youngster out there with a dream is simple – she says, “Dedication, observation, humility and focus will never let you down. Always take the narrow road in the beginning and you’ll scale heights.”

On the brand Tarini, its conceptualization and journey:

Export became quite monotonous, one used to get the feedback on the designs/colours from the buyers when they revisited after 6 months.

The need to sell in India became stronger & that’s how ‘Tarini’ happened.

It’s been an amazing journey from there on. Indians are so different to foreign buyers in selecting designs & colours.

The name ‘Tarini’ was suggested by my cousin-Amita Sehgal, Casting Director in Mumbai & it was so apt as in the factory we have the majority of girls managing the show.

On her experiences with her customers:

Each customer gives you the love & respect by picking up our items & that is what becomes our strength to give the best.

Tarini is re-launching after a gap of 3 years in Delhi & though “Tarini Online” is merely a few weeks old, the feedback we’ve amassed over twenty years from our loyal customers has helped us shape it into something I am truly proud of. To conclude I’d like to say, “We’re nothing if not the continued support of our customers and the unwavering faith of our team.”

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