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Article: Into the White Blue Yonder

Into the White Blue Yonder

As the name suggests, colour blue can be sensational and imparts a sense of tranquility around us. When teamed with colour white, we see a marvellous combination that translates into a soothing visual. This contrasting yet complimenting duo adds a sense of serenity and this makes this combination a classic. 
The team of blue and white has been used for years around the globe. We find this union of cool colours in various art forms, from monuments to handicrafts from Santorini Greece to the famous ceramics of China, in mosaic art of Uzbekistan, pottery in Syria to masterpieces like the Isfahan Mosque of Iran. The versatility of this combination is such that when used together they instill a sense of subtlety around. 
Making them a favourite amongst enthusiasts.

Layla milky is a rendition by Tarini that integrates this magnificent combination with the timeless art of Kalamkari to create a visually pleasing and soothing collection.
Adding this collection to your space adds an elegant and calming element to the whole decor.

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