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Article: Empowering Women: Sunita Verma's Journey with Tarini

Empowering Women: Sunita Verma's Journey with Tarini

In the heart of Sector 59, Noida, and within the vibrant walls of Tarini, the spirit of women empowerment thrives, guided by the unwavering belief that when women support each other, incredible things happen.

In the busy bylanes of Sector 6, Noida began a story of resilience, empowerment, and a deep connection that transcends the professional realm. Sunita Verma's journey with Tarini isn't just about work; it's a testament to the power of women supporting women, led by the visionary founder, Shashi Sehgal.

Driven by dedication

At work, Sunita is a force to reckon with. While the team has to tediously look through archives of hundreds of designs and colours, and still struggle to recall their names, Sunita has them at the back of her hand. No wonder she’s lovingly called Tarini’s “Wikipedia”!

Sunita delivery her role as a Quality Head with diligence and dedication. She is known for her eye for detail and unwavering commitment to deliver quality of the highest standards. She tends to the doubts and concerns of each and every quality worker with care and sensitivity. You can often catch a glimpse of her during tea breaks: sitting and chatting with her team over tea and samosas. 

Her leading light
From her humble beginning as a young girl to a confident leader, Sunita's tale is woven with threads of support and empowerment. At its core is the unbreakable bond with Shashi Sehgal. Beyond the workplace, Shashi has been a guiding force in Sunita’s life, mentoring her through every twist and turn. In difficult times, Shashi stood by her side, helping her build a home and ensuring her sons received an education.

A story retold
What makes Sunita’s story even special is that she is one of the many women whose life has been transformed by Shashi beyond business. Shashi’s aim has been to educate every woman at Tarini, and foster an environment of continuous growth and learning.

Tarini: A Beacon of Women Empowerment
Tarini, at its core, is a women-oriented haven where stories like Sunita's unfold. It goes beyond being a workplace to a community where dreams are nurtured and hardships are faced together.

A Call to Empowerment
As we celebrate Sunita's journey, it's a reminder of the potential within every woman and the role a supportive community plays in turning aspirations into reality. Tarini is not just a brand; it's a movement led by Shashi Sehgal, fostering an environment where every woman can thrive.

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