Orange is the new black

Orange Peel colour is in the run for portraying its exoticness like never before. The colour brings about different feelings when combined with various other hues. It introduces vibrancy as well as harmony to your spaces. Another perspective of it is reflected, when the sundown orange bougainvillea has transferred its soul from the paper plant to our freshly fabricated bedcovers and cushion covers.

The Volcanic Combination

The combination of orange and yellow has always been one the most popular combinations in the colour wheel. It is a vivacious combination, which erupts a volcano of energies, when they are used together. This colour combination of orange peel colour and yellow is often referred as the “muted combination”. This implies that they both have the tendency to lower the brightness level of the each other, forming a perfect balance in its nature. Not only do we suggest you the best, but also, our summer collection sprinkles up the orange peel effect where you prefer a little more vibrancy in your spaces.

The Perfect Balancing Greens

Orange peel is one such colour that not only satisfies the soul of the space, but also enhances the space by contrasting up with the shades of green. While being in combination with the green colour, it provides a refreshing sensation that connects us more with the nature. Therefore, Tarini has incorporated a tinge of green in the evergreen collection of “Tropica Orange Peel” as it adds freshness to your spaces while maintaining liveliness around you.

Magic of Neutrals

Apart from these fierce combinations with orange peel colour, it can create an aura of subtlety too. Neutrals can always play their magic in uncanny ways. We always strive to provide you with hues that are pleasing to the eyes. This creates a soothing and cosy look for your space with a hint of luxury.

Did you Say Vintage and Contemporary?

The cool quotient of orange from fresh vines of bougainvillea imparts a touch of freshness to your spaces that creates a soothing effect. Moreover the dash of orange peel colour in your cushion covers, table mats and napkins, houses up the feeling of optimism and serenity. This colour also stages a rustic effect that makes your space go gaga with the fusion of contemporary and vintage. Therefore, now you can also consider a makeover of your spaces with our accessories.

Now along with its unparalleled qualities, “Orange Peel Colour” portrays the perfect glance of uniqueness if it is unrolled in your spaces with our heart-crafted products.


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